Tools for Exact Parametric Inference

This page provides software and documents authored by Dr. Sam Weerahandi to enable small sample (and large samples with noisy data) inference.

Except in simple cases, classical statistical methods are approximate or asymptotic methods, whereas Exact Methods are based on exact probability statements and exact expected values. A number of widely used Exact Parametric Methods can be performed using freely distributed XPro software. Non standard methods could be carried out by writing code using, say R.

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Why Waste Hard Earned Data on Approximate Methods?
Perform exact parametric methods to:
detect significant experimental results early (if truly significant)
 minimize cost and duration of experiments
 avoid misleading conclusions
[Feedback] avoid costly investments due to false positive results

XPro procedures are specifically designed to provide practitioners with powerful tests while avoiding misleading conclusions.

Statistical techniques for exact parametric inference in numerous linear models are documented in books:

Exact Statistical Methods for Data Analysis
from Springer Series in Statistics
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Generalized Inference in Repeated Measures: Exact Methods in MANOVA and Mixed Models
from Wiley Series in Probabilty & Statistics

About Generalized Inference and Exact Methods
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